What is the Best Process of Wearing Rudraksha?

Rudraksha is a creation of nature which when attached to your body or placed at home worship place/work place should be energized the same before using it for the 1st time to gain maximum benefits and that too quickly.

Imagine you have a fever and you your temperature is upto 103 Degrees, to take care of this you will take a Crocin tablet and your fever will be down within few hours. If you do not take this medicine it will still got OK but it can take days as body will take its own course of time to fight the virus. You wear these rudrakshas and gems for a purpose – to solve/kill your problems or for general well being – better you do it the right away or don’t do it all. Either ways your life will still continue in the direction which you have chosen or the all might has put in front of you but choosing the direction in either case is upto you to you decide.

buy round one face mukhi rudraksha

Depicted above is a rare round one mukhi rudraksha seed from barishh astro shop.

The energizing procedure before wearing a rudraksha is very simple and its a very basic simple ritual which you may perform on your own. We can energize Rudraksha by following some basic steps. There are no strings attached to the rules. Energizing is a way of putting our good thoughts into the seed you are wearing or the mala (necklace) which ultimately gives better results to the  wearer.

Below mentioned is a simple way and set of best practices that would help you energize/charge your Rudraksha Seeds.
• Choose the day of wearing (an auspicious day). Preferably Monday or Saturday as these days are the days of lord shiva (shankar bhagwan) himself.
• Make a Punchamrit mixture (5 elements) which is mix of unboiled milk, honey(use very less honey), sugar, ghee and curd.
• Place the Rudraksha on a fresh unused plate.
• Wash Rudraksha with unboiled milk mixed with a pinch of sugar or honey whichever easily available and then clean it with water & keep chanting the mantra “Om Namaha Shivaye” till you finish pouring milk (keep half the quantity of milk for step 2) & water on it.
• Touch your Rudraksha seed (be it 1 mukhi or 21 mukhi) or the complete set of Rudraksha Mala/bracelet you have got made at bottm of Lord shiva’s picture or next to a Shivling.
After completion of the above described steps take the Rudrakshas in your hand, think of all might for giving you the opportunity to wear a Rudraksha, pray for your well being, wear your Rudraksha chanting “Om Hreem Namaha”, Om Namaha Shivaye” 9 or 108 times times.
Thereafter, the Rudraksha thus becomes divine, and creates a layer of divine shield around its future wearer and bestows love, harmony, balance of mind and wisdom.
Finally, which I think is the most important step to complete the process. Within 14 days of wearing the rudraksha seed or mala/bracelet donate food and/or clothes as per your wish to poor children or old people.
You will be surprised how good you feel and how magically your life will change for better.
May the Blessings of Shiva be with you.
God Bless

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