Combination of Gemstones & Rudrakshas

The best way to choose a combination of Gemstone and Rudraksha –

Choosing a Rudraksha – One bead may be worn or multiple beads of the same mukhi may be worn or multiple beads of different mukhi may be combined together. Beads may be strung in silver/gold or simply in red/black/white thread and are strung either in same direction or face-face and tail-tail direction . Rudraksha beads work by touch, sight , possession and worship. So you may keep them in your altar or carry with you in pocket or wear them. An important observation that we have made over the years is that sometimes “you dont choose a Rudraksha, it chooses to come to you when you need it”. So keep that in mind when choosing a seed, you should feel the energy coming from the seed to you. Out of several Rudrakshas you will be uncannily attracted to only one or two , hence you shall recognise the seed that belongs to you.

gemstones and rudrakshas worn together

The combination of rudrakshas and gemstone can do wonders. To know your most suited combination just call us at +91 9555149149 or send us a email.

Choosing a Gemstone – The first step is to show your personal birth chart to a known or reputed astrologer so that he can advise you as to which gemstone you have to wear. After this has been done you will have hundreds of options to choose from .

It is important to buy an astrological gemstone from a trustworthy seller who will guide you correctly. There are lots of fake stones and low grade stones which you do not want as they will not be able to provide the positive energies that you need. Always note that any gemstone you choose has to worn with full faith in its powers otherwise you will be blocking the stones powers to reach you.


You can also play around and see which combination you would want to wear on daily basis. It can be in a necklace/mala form or even bracelet form. You are attaching something so sacred and powerful to your body. Research is required or just chat with us/send us a email for best advice. Rudrakshas have been worn since ancient times due to their healing powers and energy. Unlike Gemstones , which have to be worn in accordance to astrological reasons, a Rudraksha can be worn by anybody & everybody irrespective of age, sex or religion. They have no negative effects and therefore can be worn in combination with any Gemstone to enhance their energies.

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