Importance of Buying X-Ray Certified Rudrakshas

Rudrakshas are among the most popular sacred beads which have been known to mankind since many centuries. These scared beads include various qualities and features which makes it one of the most demanded products in the world. There are more than 38 varieties of Rudrakshas with different effects and benefits. Therefore it is very essential to consult a good astrologer before wearing a Rudraksha bead.

The Rudraksha bead has several mukhis or faces which determine its ingrained qualities. The fourteen mukhi bead is one of the most powerful Rudraksha beads which have the power to combat various obstacles in life. This powerful bead has the power to allow the wearer to develop a strong sixth sense. The fourteen mukhi Rudraksha bead can seldom be found as it is quite rare. It is quite essential to take utmost care of this powerful and sacred bead.

X-Ray Certified RudrakshasThe sixteen mukhi Rudraksha bead is basically from Nepal and it has a high degree of healing energy. It gives victory, security and fearlessness to the wearer. It also provides protection from all types of dangerous diseases, nightmares and fear of death.

The seventeen mukhi Rudraksha bead is another powerful sacred bead which represents the sacred form of Goddess Durga. The wearer of this sacred bead is benefited from health, wealth, good energy and success in life. It also possesses various healing benefits.

The twenty-one mukhi Rudraksha represents the Lord Kuber- God of wealth and riches. The wearer of this Rudraksha is blessed with wealth and prosperity. It is also known to protect the wearer from all types of malefic effects and hardships in life. It is also believed that the wearer is protected from all evil effects. All materialistic benefits are made available to the wearer of twenty-one mukhi Rudrakshas.

Finding these rare mukhi Rudrakshas are quite difficult so it is important to ensure that these sacred beads are X-ray certified beads before buying them.

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