The Price of Gemstones and Rudrakshas in India

The prices of gemstones and Rudrakshas depend on the quality of the stones and the beads. The value of gemstones is determined by the clarity, color, carat and cut of the stones. Gemstones have amazing properties that affect the mind and the body. It purifies and detoxifies the body. Some of the gemstones are also believed to influence the destiny of the wearer. Each and every horoscope is ruled by planets in the solar system and every planet can be controlled by certain gemstones. This explains the reason why most people prefer to wear gemstones to counter the malefic effects of various planets such as Saturn and Jupiter.

Every natural and authentic gemstone has the power to influence the life and destiny of the wearer in various ways. So it is important to choose and buy gemstones after consulting a good astrologer. Gemstones are chosen according to the zodiac signs of the wearer.

The prices of gemstones such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires depend on the color and clarity of the gem. The emerald gemstone is known for its dark green luscious color without any flaws. The fiery red rubies are renowned for its elegant dark red color which is quiet matchless. The clarity of the gemstones is equally important while determining the value and price.

The price of Rudraksha beads is also determined by the quality and visibility of the mukhis or lines. Each Rudraksha is unique and specific with ingrained qualities and features. The Rudrakshas vary according to the number of lines or mukhis. The one mukhi Rudraksha is known to be the most powerful and rarest scared bead. This sacred bead is the manifestation of the cosmic force. It is believed to be the eye of Rudra or Lord Shiva. These powerful beads offer a tremendous amount of serenity, fearlessness and strength.

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