Astrological Prediction for Marriage and Career

Gems have great effects on the astrological birth stars of the wearer. By wearing the right type of gemstone, it is possible to influence the position of the stars and planets to acquire success, wealth and health. The position of the stars can be the cause of lack of success in relationships and career. Every gemstone exudes a specific energy which affects the life patterns of the wearer in many ways. It affects the thoughts, habits and belief system of the wearer and causes various changes in the life of the person.

Astrological stars have a great influence on the life of a person. The success of marriage can be astrologically judged from the seventh house of the astrological birth chart. All the important events in a married life of a person can be revealed easily through the birth chart. Delays in marriages are caused mainly due to the position of the stars and planets. The position of Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and other planets affect various important events in the life of a person. The house for marriage as per astrology is the 7th House and if its occupied with Mars, Rahu or Ketu then you should consult a professional astrologer for guidance.


As you see, the 7th house on one’s horoscope is house of marriage and relationships. Depending upon positioning of planets in this house one’s persona/marriage life is defined.

As a general therapy for various astrological ill-effects, various types of gemstones can be worn by both men and women. These gemstones can negate the ill-effects of planetary positions. Women are advised to wear yellow sapphire or Pukhraj stone as it has many beneficial features. Diamonds can also be worn by men to reduce the malefic effects of various planets and stars to attain success in marriage and career.

There are various websites which offer free download of astro software which furnishes relevant information on various astrological planets and the influence of gemstones on these stars and planets. Every gemstone should be selected according to the horoscope or astrological birth chart to obtain best results. Gemstones such rubies, red corals, emeralds, pearls, diamonds and yellow sapphires are some of the most popular gemstones which are worn for its innate qualities and beneficial features.

10th House is the house for Business and Career. Depending upon planetary positions in a person’s horoscope a professional astrologer can advice on correct remedies.

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