The Powerful God of Gemstones – Pukhraj

The Pukhraj stone or the yellow sapphire is considered to be the god of gemstones. Although it is found in shades of golden and orange, the yellow pukhraj is the most magnificent gemstone which is ingrained with multiple qualities. The yellow sapphire which is ruled by the planet Jupiter is worn on Thursdays.

Pukhraj for marriage: Pukhraj stone is also worn by maiden girls as it increases their chances of tying a knot at an early age. The stone has innumerable powers apart from improving physical and mental health, respect and fame.

ceylon pukhraj stone top quality

Depicted above is picture of a near flawless IGI Certified Ceylonese Yellow Sapphire of highest quality. Price Starts Rs 5000 per carat upto Rs 25000 per carat

Pukhraj for business: The powers of the yellow sapphire stone can be extended to the business field too as it guarantees success. Wearing the yellow sapphire stone is known to amplify wealth and success in all endeavors. Astrologers often recommend wearing the Pukhraj as it is ideal for personal and professional growth and success. People who work in creative fields such as writers and painters are recommended to wear Pukhraj as it increases creativity.

Pukhraj for career: The yellow sapphire or the Pukhraj stone is worn for a boost in career. It can also be worn by students and learners to increase their intellectual capacities. It is also believed to improve the concentration levels of the learners.

Apart from professional benefits, the yellow sapphire also includes a variety of health benefits as it helps to cure ulcers, rheumatism, kidney problems, fever and cough.

enhanced bangkok ceylon pukhraj stone

Depicted above is a Ceylonese Yellow Sapphire which is hue enhanced. Even this is beneficial astrologically and price is Rs 1000 per carat upwards

The Pukhraj Gemstone should be worn on the middle finger or the index finger and it should be studded in a gold ring. However, any type of blemishes such as a fading of color, dents and cracks can negate the beneficial qualities of this miraculous gemstone. It is one of the most durable gemstones and it should be maintained accordingly to obtain the desired results.


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    • Hi, Generally the 7th and 12th house of your horoscope has to be analyzed and several other factors be considered. Please generate your birth chart on and look at remedies and sade sati analysis besides dasha. They will give you correct advice or you can go for one of our premium services on our Astrological Solutions Page.

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