Astrological Significance & Instructions for Wearing Emerald Gemstone

The Astrological Significance of Emerald Stone Green Emerald gemstone is the representation of planet Mercury on land. It revolves in the universe as the sovereign prince among all the nine planets. It is the important appearance of words and wisdom alongside the glorious brilliance rising out from the Sun and Moon. This gem furnishes Zodiacs Virgo and Gemini with ... [Continue Reading]

Differenciating Bangkok Sapphire Pukhraj & Ceylon Yellow Sapphire

The world of astrology is perhaps the most miscellaneous of all aspects that involve human belief in supreme beings or gods that dictate our lives. Based on the nine planets of the universe, astrology associates each of the planets with a certain virtue. The nine planets are referred to as the navagrahas, meaning the nine sacred planets that rule our fate. Remarkably, each ... [Continue Reading]

Do Gemstones Really Work? How?

      Do earth mined gemstones have miracle powers and energies. Can wearing a gemstone bring good luck? Your questions answered. If you think that buying a gemstone for a price will instantly change your destiny or miraculously save you from bad luck then you are sadly mistaken my friend. If that was so then there would be no bad luck in this ... [Continue Reading]

Cat’s Eye Gemstone to Keep Negative Energies Away

Cat’s Eye gemstones symbolize “KETU”. It is known as Lehsunia in Hindi or Vaiduria also. The other names of this gem are Cat’s Eye, Ketu-Ratna, Ketu’s Gem and Sutra-Mani. Origin This gemstone is found in Brazil, China, South India, Ceylon and many other countries. Types Cat’s Eye is found in many shades of colors like yellow, black, dark or smoky green, white an ... [Continue Reading]

Significance of 12 Houses in Indian Vedic Astrology

Have you ever wondered what is the significance of 12 Zodiacs or 12 Houses in Indian Astrology. They all have important meanings attached to them and based on positioning of planets like Jupiter, Sun, Saturn, Mercury etc an individual's life is affected for good or for bad. Accordingly remedial measures like gemstones and rudrakshas are suggested. Birth chart of one's ... [Continue Reading]

Gemstones in Astrology – How to get Quick Benefits

Gemstones as per Vedic Indian Astrology - How to Select your most suited stone and in What Metal to Wear? Do not be confused anymore. how to wear a gemstone, which finger and what metal to wear your lucky stone in so that you get quick results.  Just see this vedic astrological chart below and find your most suited combination. Gems have a very sacred correlation with the m ... [Continue Reading]

The Benefits of Wearing a Pukhraj

Yellow Sapphire can do wonders if worn properly Jupiter stone Yellow Sapphire is known by many different names like: Pukhraj, Gururatna, Pushparaag. Peetmani Pushpraag,Gurupriya , Guruvallabh, Vachaspati Vallabh and Pitmani. The Yellow Sapphire is a gem of the corundum family, and is twin of ruby and blue sapphire. It is found in yellow, golden and orange colors. The ... [Continue Reading]

Combination of Gemstones & Rudrakshas

The best way to choose a combination of Gemstone and Rudraksha - Choosing a Rudraksha - One bead may be worn or multiple beads of the same mukhi may be worn or multiple beads of different mukhi may be combined together. Beads may be strung in silver/gold or simply in red/black/white thread and are strung either in same direction or face-face and tail-tail direction . ... [Continue Reading]

The Substitute of Pukhraj-Sunela Citrine Stone

The Sunela Citrine stone or the golden Topaz is an ideal substitute for Pukhraj stone or the yellow sapphire. The golden Topaz is a semi-precious stone which is comparatively less expensive than the yellow sapphire. Both these stones represent the planet Jupiter which is known as a great benefic planet. The planet Jupiter represents knowledge, wisdom, wealth, spirituality ... [Continue Reading]

Emerald Panna Stone for Luck and Wealth

The Emerald or the Panna stone is among the most exquisite gemstones in the world. It is closely associated with the planet mercury and it is worn by people born in the month of May. It is one of the most popular gemstones gifted during anniversaries. The emerald stone is synonymous with prosperity and hope. The emerald stone is often set in gold and worn on the little ... [Continue Reading]