Differenciating Bangkok Sapphire Pukhraj & Ceylon Yellow Sapphire

The world of astrology is perhaps the most miscellaneous of all aspects that involve human belief in supreme beings or gods that dictate our lives. Based on the nine planets of the universe, astrology associates each of the planets with a certain virtue. The nine planets are referred to as the navagrahas, meaning the nine sacred planets that rule our fate. Remarkably, each of the planets is believed to have a special gem on earth that represents it. Jupiter for example, which is particularly referred to as the goddess of forgiveness, has its gem stone on earth being Yellow Sapphire. Yellow sapphire is better known as pukhraj and is believed to convey the potential associated with Jupiter to us.

Notably, there is a wide range of yellow sapphire in the world. They vary in shape, color intensity, feel, and flawlessness. Yellow sapphires are classified mainly in two classes, Bangkok yellow sapphire and Ceylon yellow sapphire, basing this difference mostly on their origin. Bangkok yellow sapphire is believed to have its birth stone month as July among the Hindu. Bangkok yellow sapphire is also known as peela pukhraj and is mostly recommended for people influencing the society directly, to bring them success, luck and wisdom in their endeavors. These include people like leaders and corporate person ells as well as business men. Bangkok yellow sapphire also is believed to fetch a fortune in marriage for those who wear it and also to offer healing to acute diseases like colds and kidney failure.

Ceylon yellow sapphire on the other hand has its major origin as Sri Lanka. Similar to Bangkok yellow sapphire, Ceylon sapphire is believed to bring about wealth, fortune in marriages, heal diseases and bring happiness. Particularly, Ceylon yellow gemstones are believed to have their birth stone month as September. Both Bangkok and Ceylon yellow sapphires come in a wide range of shapes, some similar to those of rubies or the red sapphires. The two types of jeweleries have their variances and correspondences. The major similarities include the shape, cuttings and colors of the two.

However, the differences are quite a number. While Bangkok yellow sapphires are manufactured in industries, Ceylon yellow sapphires occur naturally in the earth’s soil composition and are therefore mined. Bangkok yellow sapphires originate mainly from Bangkok as their name suggests is mainly made from a combination of several elements mainly gold and silver. Ceylon yellow sapphires alternatively, come from mines found in Sri Lanka. The color also tends to vary between the two stones. The Bangkok yellow sapphires are quite deeper in color since they undergo a process known as heat treatment for them to acquire reasonable amounts of clarity. Ceylon yellow sapphires on the other hand have a slightly vague color since they come in their own natural color that is unalterable.

The polishing done on the tow also varies a lot, since one is manufactured and the other is mechanically obtained. Bangkok yellow sapphires are well polished and also less flawless than the naturally occurring Ceylon yellow sapphire that is subject to mechanical damage as it is mined.it is to be noted that if polished well these flaws on the Ceylon yellow sapphires can be eliminated. An important difference between the two stones is their value. Ceylon yellow sapphires are very sporadic and thus fetch far much high values in the markets. The Bangkok yellow sapphire, still are valuable but are quite cheaper. When buying yellow sapphires, it is good for you to know the difference between Bangkok yellow sapphires pukhraj and Ceylon yellow sapphires.


  1. very informative and easy to understand ..thanks it would enhance your valuable guidance if certain basic techinical terminology would have been clarified…..thanks

    • Dear Pushpendra

      We will be posting many more articles and enhancing this article based on your feedback.
      In general both are good when it comes to astrology, its about how you use them.

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