Emerald Panna Stone for Luck and Wealth

The Emerald or the Panna stone is among the most exquisite gemstones in the world. It is closely associated with the planet mercury and it is worn by people born in the month of May. It is one of the most popular gemstones gifted during anniversaries. The emerald stone is synonymous with prosperity and hope. The emerald stone is often set in gold and worn on the little finger on a Wednesday. Emeralds can be combined with diamonds as it is believed to enhance the powers of both the gemstones.

translucent emerald panna gemstone from barishh gems

Transparent and translucent emeralds are different from opaque emeralds and work quickly.

This beautiful and exquisite stone imparts knowledge, wisdom, good health and wealth to the wearer. It is believed to cure memory and speech disorders in children. It is also believed to cure various other ailments such as sleeping disorders, heart diseases and asthma.

Generally, emeralds are found in deep hues of green color. The perfect emerald gemstone is deep green in color although there are other shades of green emeralds too. The Colombian and the Zambian emeralds are among the most exquisite and popular gemstones in the world known for its rich attributes and beneficial features.

opaque enhanced emeralds from india

Depicted above is a picture of natural opaque emerald stone. These emeralds also work astrologically but slower as compared to translucent emeralds.

The emerald stone is believed to bring in good health and fortune. It is also considered to be an epitome of ever lasting love and commitment. Green is the color of hope and fertility. This gemstone is deeply related to life giving sources.

The wearer of emerald stone is believed to be safeguarded against evil forces in life. As mercury is the ruling planet of this gemstone which is related to the nervous system, wearing this gemstone helps to cure nervous disorders. Emerald has enormous healing properties and therefore it can be worn to heal various ailments

Emerald gemstones should be worn after consulting an expert astrologer. It should not be worn with natural pearl, ruby and red coral as it may have ill-effects.

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