Astrological Significance & Instructions for Wearing Emerald Gemstone

The Astrological Significance of Emerald Stone
Green Emerald gemstone is the representation of planet Mercury on land. It revolves in the universe as the sovereign prince among all the nine planets. It is the important appearance of words and wisdom alongside the glorious brilliance rising out from the Sun and Moon. This gem furnishes Zodiacs Virgo and Gemini with strength over which the Mercury presides and wades the evil impact of mercury off away from them.

Benefits of Emerald Gemstone
• Wearing an emerald otherwise called Zammrud or panna or brings scholarly and intellectual advancement. Natural intellect and intelligence is the specialty of Planet Mercury. This means that boosting this planet’s energy brings about an ability to comprehend subjects well, more pronounced comprehension of life and a balanced point of view about things.

• Whoever wears an emerald would be able to noticeably identify see a spurt in innovativeness, linguistic skills, creative gifts and also capacity to think better.

• By wearing an emerald stone, you can have a massive and impressive improvement in communication skills. You will just notice a brilliantly better, more lucid and clearer communication style and the person will find himself communicating with confidence and poise.

• Emerald stone is a precious stone that has been proven even in medical astrology to be very potent in helping with difficulties in speech, disorder in the nervous system, allergies and also for any respiratory tract issues of whatever kind.

• There is a link between fame, fortune and the emerald stone. A person who wears it for an all-round set Mercury will enjoy the glamor of a life characterized by a mercurial rise always, just as suggested by the name.

emerald gemstone significance astrology wearing

Emerald natural birthstone is an anti-poison gemstone. It is believed that it has curative powers against any toxic substance like poison. The aperitifs of the Royalty of yore is believed to have been sipped from emerald goblets.

• For those who stammer, there is some hope in natural Emerald stone. It is a gemstone that is also helpful for people who feel timid to relate with others or people with inferiority complex as a result of lack of confidence.

People like physicians, astrologers, healers or those who practice divinity can enjoy great progress in their endeavors by wearing an emerald stone.


Step by Step Instructions on How to Wear an Emerald Stone
For enjoying the greatest benefits from any gemstone, it is of great importance to ensure that the procedures are followed to the letter. From picking the right stone to wear, to getting the right timing for wearing it to every bit of detail. For Emerald, find below some instructions for it to work well for you:
1. Emerald is to be worn in the little finger of the right hand. It is the right hand for people who use right hand but left hand for left-gave people.
2. It is to be worn on the morning of Wednesday, before it is 12:00 noon in the midst of the waxing moon (Shukla Paksh).
3. Emerald or Panna Stone as refereed to in Hindi Language should be a minimum of 3.25 carats in weight. Averagely, it can range from between 3 to 6 carats but you may wear a larger stone also if you like.
4. The emerald loose stone must touch your skin. It should be studded in a ring which is made of solid gold or sterling silver for a more potent result. It must touch your skin.

5. Whilst wearing the emerald for very first time on a Wednesday you may also chant the mantra : ““OM BUDHAYE NAMAHA” 9 or 108 times.  Remember to wash your emerald ring or pendant with unboiled milk or gangajal.

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