Gemstones in Astrology – How to get Quick Benefits

Gemstones as per Vedic Indian Astrology – How to Select your most suited stone and in What Metal to Wear? Do not be confused anymore. how to wear a gemstone, which finger and what metal to wear your lucky stone in so that you get quick results.  Just see this vedic astrological chart below and find your most suited combination. Gems have a very sacred correlation with the metal they are mounted in and the finger worn.

wear birthstones astrology correct finger and metal

Do not be confused anymore. Know when to wear your gemstones and how to wear in the manner which will provide quick results. Use our free to use astrological gemstones recommendation software for more details. CLICK HERE or just call us on +91 9555149149

Every gemstone is represented by a planet in our solar system and your destiny is determined based on your horoscope. If you see the above graphic you will notice Emerald is represented by planet Mercury, Blue sapphire (neelam) by Saturn and Yellow Sapphire (commonly referred to a pukhraj or pushkaraj stone) is represented by planet Jupiter.

In case of a Yellow Sapphire will give you best results when worn in Gold or Asht Dhatu (8 Metal Mounting). Both are yellow in color and stone is also yellow coloured. The finger has to be index (first) finger because that is placing of Jupiter in your hand. Correct day is Thursday and you should wear avoiding the rahu kalam for the day based on your time zone.

Similarly a Blue Sapphire should be worn on a Saturday in middle finger preferably in panch dhatu (5 metal mounting), silver or gold. A panch dhatu setting is advised because the combination of 5 elements of the earth combined with energies of the stone can do wonders for you.

Always research and wear your lucky astrological stone in correct way to get quick results.

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