Pitambari Neelam Yellow Blue Sapphire Effects

The sapphire stones are among the most effective and popular types of gemstones which are used for crystal therapy as it is ingrained with energies. However, it is important to choose the right type of sapphire stone as these gemstones prove its efficiency within a short period of usage. The Pitambari Neelam stone is a gemstone which includes both yellow and blue color. ... [Continue Reading]

The Substitute of Pukhraj-Sunela Citrine Stone

The Sunela Citrine stone or the golden Topaz is an ideal substitute for Pukhraj stone or the yellow sapphire. The golden Topaz is a semi-precious stone which is comparatively less expensive than the yellow sapphire. Both these stones represent the planet Jupiter which is known as a great benefic planet. The planet Jupiter represents knowledge, wisdom, wealth, spirituality ... [Continue Reading]

The Substitute of Neelam- Neeli or Amethyst Stone

The Amethyst stone is an ideal substitute of Blue Sapphire or Neelam gemstone. The Neeli or the Amethyst stone is a semi-precious gemstone which is found in abundance in nature. It is found in various dark and bright colors. This beautiful gemstone is equally attractive and unique which appears quite similar to the precious Blue Sapphire. The Amethyst stone is believed ... [Continue Reading]

Highly Beneficial and Powerful 14 Mukhi Rudraksha Seed

Rudraksha, the symbol of Lord Shiva, is a scared bead with immense powers. It is also believed to be the tear drop of Lord Shiva. There are several mukhis or faces of Rudrakshas with different features and powers. Among the 38 types of mukhis, the one mukhi Rudraksha and the fourteen mukhi Rudraksha are considered to be the most significant types of sacred ... [Continue Reading]

The Mystical Twenty Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha Seed

The twenty mukhi Rudraksha sacred bead is one of the rarest and most significant varieties of Rudraksha beads found on earth. It is believed to possess the energies of all the nine planets. It is also believed to possess the powers of all the three gods-Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The wearer of twenty mukhi Rudraksha(bees mukhi in hindi) is believed to possess immense ... [Continue Reading]

Importance of Buying X-Ray Certified Rudrakshas

Rudrakshas are among the most popular sacred beads which have been known to mankind since many centuries. These scared beads include various qualities and features which makes it one of the most demanded products in the world. There are more than 38 varieties of Rudrakshas with different effects and benefits. Therefore it is very essential to consult a good astrologer ... [Continue Reading]

Emerald Panna Stone for Luck and Wealth

The Emerald or the Panna stone is among the most exquisite gemstones in the world. It is closely associated with the planet mercury and it is worn by people born in the month of May. It is one of the most popular gemstones gifted during anniversaries. The emerald stone is synonymous with prosperity and hope. The emerald stone is often set in gold and worn on the little ... [Continue Reading]

Astrological Prediction for Marriage and Career

Gems have great effects on the astrological birth stars of the wearer. By wearing the right type of gemstone, it is possible to influence the position of the stars and planets to acquire success, wealth and health. The position of the stars can be the cause of lack of success in relationships and career. Every gemstone exudes a specific energy which affects the life ... [Continue Reading]

The Powerful God of Gemstones – Pukhraj

The Pukhraj stone or the yellow sapphire is considered to be the god of gemstones. Although it is found in shades of golden and orange, the yellow pukhraj is the most magnificent gemstone which is ingrained with multiple qualities. The yellow sapphire which is ruled by the planet Jupiter is worn on Thursdays. Pukhraj for marriage: Pukhraj stone is also worn by maiden ... [Continue Reading]

Mystical Blue Sapphire Neelam Stone

The blue sapphire or the Neelam gemstone is one of the most exquisite gemstone which has held the admiration and wonder of millions with its rich blue hue. It exudes a brilliant sparkle which emits beautiful colors when it is viewed from different angles. Blue sapphire or Neelam is related to Saturn, which is renowned to be one of the most malefic planets. People who ... [Continue Reading]