Precautions while wearing Nepali Rudrakshas

Nepali Rudrakshas is among the precious tools that one can wear for good luck and smooth life. However, with fake Rudrakshas present in the market, one should ensure they have acquired an original tool. Fake Rudrakshas are buoyant in water while original ones sink to the bottom. Nepali Rudraksha is appropriate for meditation or prayers; a humongous piece is apt for illness cure.

Nepali Rudrakshas is appropriate for all and sundry notwithstanding age, gender, profession or cultural background. In line with authoritative scriptures for example Srimad Devabhagawaam, PadmaPuran, Shiva-Puran and corpus sources, there are no set rules or anyone proscribed from wearing rudrakshas. Borrowing from the scripture provisions and experience, rudrakshas will come with longevity and remain sacrosanct.

Precautions for wearing Nepali Rudrakshas

Rudrakshas ought to be worn following energizing moments. When putting it on for the first time, it is aptly worn on Mondays and prior to wearing the mantra “Om namaha shiyaya should be droned multiple times. The Nepal Rudrakshas must be used exclusively without sharing with other people. It is strategically suspended close to the heart to instill determination in the whole body. Nevertheless, there are settings when you should not wear it, for instance funerals, brothels and unholy locations.

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There is no negative backlash if worn when couples engage in sex as it has been shown to have positive impacts on many spouses. Those seeking a child can leverage Rudraksha when the husband puts it on to bolster his erotic performance. Rudraksha is perfectly worn in the dark, yellowish and white thread while it can also come in silvery, golden or alloys form. Avoid exposing your Rudrakshas as this shifts benefits to the ones who surreptitiously glimpse at it or touch it. To avoid this and negative effects, it should be furtively worn without exposure.

It is proffered by astrologists that one should wear Nepali Rudrakshas incessantly. However, you can wear it intermittently without experiencing negative results. It is posited that the method of wearing is immaterial when considering the benefits, thus you can wear it in accordance with your needs. However, due to its rich capability in producing positive effects, you should make it a habit to include Rudraksha in your daily attire while avoiding overly concentration on it to maximize effects.
Despite our different lifestyles like vegetarians, smokers and alcoholics, this is said not to have any significant effects or obviating luck. Where the wearer indulges in sheer addictions, since there is cognitive increase in intuitions and judgment, rudraksha comes in handy to keep the wearer always healthy and fit. You should let the beads have close contact with the skin while avoiding other persons who may purport to touch it. On the other hand, Rudraksha may be kept in Puja rooms and revered for the benefit of all family members. If the thread breaks while you have put it on, it can be replaced and the Rudraksha re-worn but there is no harm even if it disintegrates as you wear it.


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