The Substitute of Pukhraj-Sunela Citrine Stone

The Sunela Citrine stone or the golden Topaz is an ideal substitute for Pukhraj stone or the yellow sapphire. The golden Topaz is a semi-precious stone which is comparatively less expensive than the yellow sapphire. Both these stones represent the planet Jupiter which is known as a great benefic planet. The planet Jupiter represents knowledge, wisdom, wealth, spirituality and happiness. People who wear this semi-precious and precious stone are known to benefit and achieve success in life.

neeThe wearer of golden Topaz or Sunela citrine stone are known to obtain the knowledge of ethics and law. It is also considered to be beneficial to writers, authors, businessmen and traders as it brings forth luck,prosperity and creativity.

It is also believed to bring forth happiness, peace of mind and tranquility.

The golden Topaz appears quite similar to yellow Sapphire, however it can be easily distinguished using various features. The golden Topaz can be worn to protect the wearer from fear and infections. This stone is a light golden color with a reddish hue. It is a variety of crystalline quartz with a brilliant transparence.

The yellow sapphire is expensive and it can seldom be afforded by all. The Pukhraj is unmatchable in quality and beneficial effects but the Sunela citrine stone bears close resemblance in features and appearance. It is therefore used in jewelries as it appears similar to the Pukhraj stone. However, the yellow sapphire is lighter in density with an elegant softness which can seldom be found in other types of gemstones.

The Sunela citrine stone or the golden Topaz should be worn on the index finger of the right hand. It should be worn on Tuesdays before sunrise. The ring should be soaked in milk before wearing it in the morning. The golden Topaz should weigh at least 6 carats when it is used in jewelries.

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