The Mystical Twenty Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha Seed

The twenty mukhi Rudraksha sacred bead is one of the rarest and most significant varieties of Rudraksha beads found on earth. It is believed to possess the energies of all the nine planets. It is also believed to possess the powers of all the three gods-Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

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The wearer of twenty mukhi Rudraksha(bees mukhi in hindi) is believed to possess immense ability to attract wealth and fortune. This sacred bead can be worn by businessmen and public administrators as it enhances the chances of success in all fields. It should be worn in the morning after a bath by chanting the Brahma mantra and removed in the night before going to bed. This sacred Rudraksha bead should be cared and maintained with utmost sanctity and purity. The power of Rudraksha beads are enhanced through constant prayers and meditation.

The twenty mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal is known to be extremely powerful with a high degree of healing properties. This original sacred bead from Nepal possesses immense strength and therefore it is recommended to wear this sacred bead to attain the desired results. According to the scriptures, the twenty mukhi Rudraksha represents the power of Lord Brahma- the creator of the universe. There are many benefits of wearing this scared and special Rudraksha bead. It bestows health and wealth on the wearer. The wearer is also believed to possess divine knowledge about the philosophy of life, creation, art and music.

It is quite important to buy only certified stones or scared beads as only the authentic beads have ingrained powers and beneficial features. It is therefore essential to ensure that the Rudraksha beads are real and authentic. The mukhis or the lines should be perfect and immaculate. The beads must be perfect and uniform in shape. There are many authentic online stores which showcase real Rudraksha sacred beads at a specified price rate.

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