Significance of 12 Houses in Indian Vedic Astrology

Have you ever wondered what is the significance of 12 Zodiacs or 12 Houses in Indian Astrology. They all have important meanings attached to them and based on positioning of planets like Jupiter, Sun, Saturn, Mercury etc an individual’s life is affected for good or for bad. Accordingly remedial measures like gemstones and rudrakshas are suggested. Birth chart of one’s horoscope and lord of the houses can explain a lot about personality and predict future.

1st House in Astrological Chart  or Ascendant (Lagna) – Aries Ruler – Tanur Bhava (House of Body, Self Expression and Personality)

The positioning of planets will affect the person’s body/mind, health, longevity, happiness, physical body/appearance, character, nature, personality, vitality, & fame, success or failure in beginning stages of life including childhood, general well being and general relations with people around the individual .

2nd House in Astrological Chart – Taurus Ruler – Dhana Bhava (House of Wealth or Money Matters)

The positioning of planets will affect the individual’s personal wealth, freedom of speech, family matters, education/profession, learning, problems related to eye, appearance of face, material welfare,  re-marriage/2nd marriage, teachers, lawyers, bankers, stock & shares, friends, documents, mortgages, negotiable assets, bank account balance, gold/silver bullion and jewellery, money matters, acquisition by self, effort, worldly attainments.

3rd House in Astrological Chart – Gemini Ruler – Bratri Bhava  (House of Courage, Relationship with Siblings and Ambitions)

The positioning of planets will affect the individual’s courage/brevity, longevity, younger sibling specially brother, short travels, writings, relations, confusion and dual mindedness, pleasure, servants, good qualities, large undertakings, mistress/affair,relations with neighbors, ability, memory, mistress, intellect, interview, mental inclination, lower mind for material advancement, inclination to study, change of residence, decisions in signing of contract papers, messenger, journalist, library, decision with respect to partition of property, inclination to be in journalism and astrology.

the significance of 12 houses astrology

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4th House in Astrological Chart – Cancer Ruler – Sukha and Matri Bhava  (House of Mother, Parents and Happiness in Family Matters)

The positioning of planets will affect the individual’s Mother, happiness, property/land (hereditary or self acquired), vehicles, honesty, compassion and sincerity etc.), friends, education, peace of mind, luxury & comforts, acquisitions, general welfare, fondness, masses, fame, intelligence, lost savings, false allegations, where stolen property is kept, fields & farms, private affairs, affairs with another person of same or opposite sex, in female’s case her own sex life, fame in society.

5th House in Astrological Chart – Leo Ruler – Putra Bhava  (House of Children, Romance, Love and Sex)

The positioning of planets will affect one’s Father, Children, wisdom, speculation, fame, positions, mind, emotions, 1st conception related issues, sudden gain of wealth, good morals & values, enjoyment including sexual intercourse, flirtations and love affairs, good morals, preaching deity, religion, spirituality, gains to wife, festive occasions, sports, recreations entertainment, amusements, horse racing, lottery, gambling, stock exchange, religious mindedness, spiritual practices like tarot & astrologers, romance & love.

6th House in Astrological Chart – Virgo Ruler – Shatru Bhava  (House of Enemies, Debt, Obstacles and Disease)

The positioning of planets will affect the individual’s enemies, debts, diseases, misery, wounds, worries & illness, accidents, obstacles, afflictions, injuries, imprisonment, cruel actions, house of deficiency & wants, balance & stability, wood, timber, stone, instruments, hospitals, prisons, punishment, favorable result in any kind of competition, enemy of humanity, center of all six natural enemies of humanity viz., kama (lust), krodha, lobha (greed), moha (infatuation), ahankara ( arrogance), eerkha (jealousy), loss in investments, prosperity, competition.

7th House in Astrological Chart – Libra Ruler – Kalatra Bhava  (House of Relationship and Marriage)

The positioning of planets will affect the individual’s spouse (wife/husband), death, sexual wants & desires, marriage, foreign travels, children, general happiness, business partner, cure of disease, relationship, litigation second wife, recovery of lost property, vital power, hernia, sexual diseases, sexual passion or union, diplomacy & politics, travel to foreign country, trade and speculation, marital happiness, business decisions, foreign affairs, social interactions, partnership & ventures in business, social & official status.

8th House in Astrological Chart – Scorpio Ruler – Mrityu Bhava and Ayur Bhava  (House of Longevity and Death)

The positioning of planets will affect the individual’s place in society specially disgrace, sorrow, debts, death, longevity, legacies, gifts, unearned or hidden wealth, career, defeat, urinary trouble, punishment from govt., fear, loss of money from debts, hidden wealth, foreign travel, husband’s relatives, mangalaya (forladies), accidents, delays, disappointment, loss, obstructions, psychological problems, wickedness, sin & killing, trouble to partners, sisters & brothers, undisclosed affairs, house of mystery, religion & science.

9th House in Astrological Chart – Sagittarius Ruler – Dharma Bhava  (House of Fortune and Destiny)

The positioning of planets will affect one’s luck & fortune, wealth, father, son, religion, diety ( religious fervor), journeys, foreign travel, fame, increasing wisdom, sudden gains & prosperity, moral standards, virtues, gifts, prosperity, charity, luck, husband’s fortune, issue in a female horoscope, faith, legal, charitable & religious professions, preceptors, teachers, sacrifices, pilgrimage, research, invention, discovery, exploration & meditation, intuition, soubhagayasthana for women.

10th House in Astrological Chart – Capricorn Ruler – Karma Bhava  (House of Occupation/Career and Business)

The positioning of planets will affect one’s profession/career/occupation (Movable sign: indicate ambition, fame, karma, recognition and makes the person independent; fixed sign indicate firmness, determination, self-reliance, patience, fixity of purpose which is necessary or business; common sign indicate service), respect & place in society, honor,abroad travel, dignity, position, trade & commerce, action, political power, reputation, command, fame, success, status, authority, morality, retirement from world, election, litigation, government jobs, prosperity, prominence.

11th House in Astrological Chart – Aquarius Ruler – Labha Bhava  (House of Income, Monetary Gain and Knowledge Gains)

The positioning of planets will affect one’s money related gains (wealth), elder brothers and/or sisters, upliftment of husband, longevity of mother, gains from father-in-law, new/old friends, aspirations & wishes, elections/politics, litigation, speculation, discharge from hospital, ears, trade, society, community, recovery from illness, freedom from misery, ambitions, wishes, desires & marriage.

12th House in Astrological Chart – Pisces Ruler – Vyaya Bhava (House of Expenditure and Losses)

The positioning of planets will affect losses and/or expenditure faced by the person, eyes, extravagance, divine know- ledge, sexual enjoyment, foreign travels, secret enemies, sins, leaving one’s own place, fear from foes, being after death, feet, sleep, wandering, living abroad, troubles to partner,psychological issues, lost articles, termination of appointment, hospitalization, discharge of debts, loss of wife, death of native, disputes, misfortunes, profession, impediments, restraint, limitations, waste & extravagance, success through occult affairs, life abroad (foreign country).

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